Cheap Websites for Actors, Musicians, Artists

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Here’s a list of easy-to-use website builders that don’t cost a fortune :). All of these are DIY services – you’ll have to pay a monthly fee, and also plan to invest a couple days adding your pics, video, mp3s, etc, and get it looking good. (obviously)

A little more advanced: (this is an amazing new theme / framework for WordPress) (great place to find WordPress themes)

How to choose?
1) Do you like the sample sites? Those are best case scenario, so don’t expect more.
2) If you like their free trial (you should be able to at least take a tour).
3) Test their customer service by calling or emailing with a question. If the answer is fast and doesn’t contain complicated jargon – you’re in good shape.

Most of the above services provide hosting (website server space) But, if you need a hosting company (for WordPress, etc) – I love (I do NOT recommend GoDaddy – their site builder is bad and they are an unethical company.)

A note about Flash: a few of the above offer fancy flash designs. The only drawback to flash is your Google ranking; Google can’t index animation. If you want people to find your site by Googling your name – make sure it always appears in the browser title of your page as well as the URL.