eCard Systems – Adding eCards to Your Website

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I’ve worked with three systems:

For a traditional, HTML site – I’ve had great luck with the Coppermine eCard System. Coppermine is free, open-source software that you can probably find in your hosting company’s automatic App installer (where you might find WordPress, Drupal, etc.).

Once installed, it’s easy to get set-up (just follow the Coppermine instructions) – it has a built in eCard system. And you can add CAPTCHA to the eCard form for unregistered guests by following the instructions in this post Coppermine eCard CAPTCHA.

For my purposes, I embedded a picture of the eCard in my main site, then linked directly to the Coppermine eCard form. The eCard appears embedded in the email that gets sent – which is an improvement over services where you have to copy and enter a code to “collect” your card.

For WordPress, I’ve had good luck with – it’s a pay plugin and it’s not the most polished thing, but I think it works great for how fast and easy it is to set up.

And lastly, I’d like to warn against using Bravenet / Braveapps. My review is that their customer service / communication is TERRIBLE, plus their eCard software is lame, so it’s not worth the hassle. I tried to work with them recently and they wasted hours and hours of my time, and at one point completely deleted my client’s account with no warning or explanation at all.

Update: There are new plugin offerings for eCards – here’s one I haven’t gotten to try yet – – it seems to work with NextGen Gallery.