Getting Client Design Feedback – Useful Apps and Websites

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It’s very important for the client to be able to view your designs full size. Therefore, you can never email them the files because you can’t ensure how they will view them. You need to use a web-based viewer.

One thing that drives me crazy about all these design review sites is that they require the client to login to view the page. Clients hate this. They can never find their login info. So, I’ve noted below which companies have the capability of giving a direct link to the page.

Best option so far. Nice interface. Best for comparing images. Shows designs full size. Annoying that clients have to login. Can post comments, but won’t allow marks directly on the image. Requires login. $12 – $35 a month –

Incredibly simple and easy. Does not require client to login. Just email designs and it will create a page for you. Free account for 3 projects, 1 user. $9 for unlimited.
Cons: 918px wide is the max for images. A big problem since most web pages are 960 to 1060 wide.

Good to view images full size and zoom. A little hard to compare images.  Free to $99 a month –

Can make an encrypted URL (not sure if this requires login?). Drag and drop notes directly onto the screenshots. Lots of ways to upload and organize images. $19 – $99 a mo. –

Seems like a good system for organizing and reviewing images – $24 – $179 a month. Can have a threaded discussion directly onto the screenshots. –

Free – interface allows you to flip through images and make marks and zooms.

Concept Board
Upload designs and add comments. Didn’t test it, but looks like not ideal for comparing designs. Free to $49 a month –

Proof HQ
Seems like a good option – lots of compare tools. $17 to $149 a month – |

UpShot App
Some good editing features, but doesn’t seem ideal for comparing images. $6.66 to $99 a month –

Interface is a little clunky –

Smart Margin
Interface looks a little dated. –

Concept Share
Doesn’t seem ideal for comparing full-page designs –

Web Proof
Seems great other than outrageous price point. 30 day money back, 199 € per month –

Interface looks a little dated. –

The Commentor
Works great to upload images, organize them and see them full size. But not ideal for comparing them side to side. Really meant for notes on the images. $9.99 – $39.99 –

Article listing 16:

Workflow, not entirely for sharing designs. $8 to $30 a month –


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