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A while ago I posted this note about cheap website builders for Actors and Artists.

And here are some more cool website builders – some that also include BLOGs — very important if are trying to drive Google traffic to your site. These are my top two right now: – $10 a month, I’ve been using them to build a new site for a client and so far they’ve been great, very easy to use — perfect for artists. However, I did discover that they don’t support Google Webmaster Tools or XML sitemaps, which is a set back for SEO. This was in 2011, it may have been fixed now. I know they are releasing Responsive Design templates, so it seems like they are on top of new tech. – $12 a month. Although, one annoying missing feature is the ability to resize and crop pictures that you upload.

Two other cool tools that might do everything you need:

More that I know less about:


Cool Review Site –