Cross Browser Testing

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These are the two tools I currently use: – this is a paid service and for the most part it works really well for the money. I’ve also had good experiences with their tech support – fast turn around, very friendly. It’s usually pretty fast to load, and it allows you to choose between screenshots and a live experience. Visiting the site live in another browser is invaluable. They have a huge range of browsers and operating systems and they also give you a public link to share a batch of screenshots.

The only trick to this service is you have to make sure to click the “stop” icon when you’re done — if you simply close the browser window, without stopping it — they will continue to burn through your minutes and you’ll run out in no time. – this is a free service run by Adobe. It’s user friendly and makes it easy to configure a list of your most commonly tested browsers. You can also configure a delay on the screenshot, so it will allow all the scripts and images to load if you’re trying to do something fancy. However, they only provide screenshots, no live interactivity — so it’s hard to test functionality.

There’s also: – which is free, but slow. And only gets you screenshots, it’s not interactive like

And I’ve heard of some people using another free tool: User Agent Switcher for Firefox. But when I read the documentation, it says, “The typical usage is to allow access to sites that restrict access based on the browser being used.” therefore, it’s not a cross browser tester and it doesn’t seem like it should be used like one.