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What is your company message? Is it being conveyed?
What are the goals of your website? Are they being reached?

We can help you improve the performance of your site without a complete overhaul. This will save you time, money, and allow you to focus on what’s important: your customers.

With over 15 years in the business, we can analyze and test your site for:

  • Clear and consistent messaging — what is your site telling visitors?
  • Branding — who do your visitors think you are?
  • Usability — moving visitors toward your goals

We can help you:

  • Revise and clarify navigation
  • Create compelling headlines and sales messages
  • Create “funnels” to move visitors toward your goals
  • Create new art / ads to enhance the user experience
  • Find your most popular pages and maximize them
  • Add features and functionality that your users will love


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Search Engine Optimization

Waking Media partners with Rex Freiberger for targeted optimization and social marketing.



On the web, copywriting and search engine optimization go hand-in-hand. Search engines scan the text of your site and use it to help categorize you in their databases. But you’ll also find that SEO can help your printed materials too. Creating good SEO requires getting into the mind of your target audience – what keywords do they use to describe your product or service? What keywords or phrases would they use to describe a quality product or service of this kind? Including these terms and phrases will help catch not only the attention of search engines – but also the eye of your audience when they see them in print.

Our a la carte services can help you:

  • create original, optimized copy;
  • edit existing copy for clarity, impact, keywords, and phrases;
  • and include the small (but important!) touches, such as, simple one-liners and headlines to spruce up your site or printed materials.


Copy for Marketing and Advertising

What’s the difference between copy for marketing versus copy for advertising? In a general sense, Advertising is a part of Marketing – you use an ad to reach your target market. But, when thinking about writing copy for your site or print materials:

  • Marketing asks questions like: What age is my audience? Are they mostly men or women? Are they educated? How much do they already know about my product or service? What is their income bracket? What is their political leaning? Is my product or service location specific?
  • Advertising asks questions like: Does my ad need to teach my audience about my new product? OR does my ad need to differentiate my product from the rest? What makes my target audience laugh? What makes them envious? What are the struggles of their day-to-day life? What do they do for leisure?

Waking Media has over 10 years of small business marketing and advertising experience, we can help you decide which questions pertain to your company and how to answer them! Contact Us


Copywriting Samples

Newsletter copywriting and designNewsletter for the Bedford Stem Cell Research Foundation
Generated illustrations, photos, layout, text and content organization.
Download PDF


boxeight.pngBOXeight Press Kit
Interviewed the director, member artists and board members to develop the mission statement, concept, categories and scope of the press kit. This kit is not the final design, but a draft mock up with the deliverable text. Download PDF


Information Packet for the Special Program of Assisted Reproduction
Created the illustrations, layout, and organization of the packet. Converted science text and terminology into layman’s terms and descriptions. Download PDFs: One | Two | Three | Four