Custom Animated Gif Loader Graphic

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A quick little tool that I want to share. This couple sites that help build a custom slideshow or gallery “loading” graphic (like the one on the left) to match your site¬† — if you have a shaded background, get rid of that white pixel edge!

And — on the topic of animated gifs, I’ve been thinking about them as design elements since I’ve recently seen two sites that used them beautifully.

The first is a great little animation at the bottom of my FreshBooks account. In the footer — a cute little fish appears when you rollover “Pricing & Upgrades.” It’s a fun way to highlight the link. (see the pics below)

And secondly, I recently saw a portfolio site for a designer that had great monsters with blinking animted gif eyes, but it seems that she’s redesigned her site, so here’s one of hers that shows the effect too (built by Here’s another one that does it –

Here it is! I f

Here is a list of tutorials on creating animated gifs:

And here’s one of those sites where you can upload a short video and have it made into an animated gif: