InfusionSoft Customer Hub Review

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After deciding to go with InfusionSoft CRM we were excited to discover they also had a membership site service called, Customer Hub. My client is in need of a website upgrade, so we thought it might be perfect timing to switch to their service.

However, when I tried to do some research about the technical specs on Customer Hub, I found it very difficult to find information. I had an entire email conversation with their sales department that went nowhere. And I had to talk to two different customer support reps to get any answers.

In case you are in the same boat, here is what I found out (as of March 7, 2014):

  • You can find some useful videos here:
  • You can try out a demo site here: – but NOT the admin part, just the front-end.
  • There is no blogging feature, just the ability to make static pages. Although, there’s no limit to the number of static pages, so you could potentially hack a blog that way, but it’s far from ideal.
  • None of the current templates are coded “responsive.” Although, they do give you access to CSS, so you could potentially fix them yourself. I’m not sure if their templates use tableless design.
  • You can have a dynamic main menu, but there’s no ability to have a dynamic sidebar or submenu to show where the customer is in a subcategory of pages. You could hard code one on each page if you wanted.
  • Also, the integration with the InfusionSoft CRM is not that special. The shopping cart pages would still need to be built completely separately and would not look exactly like the CustomerHub site. So, the continuity there doesn’t really exist. Although, there does seem to be some ease when managing members.
  • There’s no slideshow feature – this is a smaller issue, but the new slideshow features available in WordPress are stunning with dynamic text and responsive code. They do give you the ability to add your own javascript, so you could build one in, but, again, hardly ideal.
  • The customer service person I spoke with said that WordPress was an extremely common integration with the InfusionSoft CRM and that, in his experience, the WooCommerce plugin works great and is popular (there are actually two possible plugins, he wasn’t able to specify).
  • The same customer service person sent me four sample Customer Hub sites – and of those four, three were actually built in WordPress and the customer hub sections are hideous. I am not going to re-post the links here, but you could contact Customer Hub to see them yourself.

So, bottom line, if you’re looking for a very basic, clean membership site, Customer Hub might be a good solution. But anything beyond that, they’re just not there yet. Also, in order to get access to anyone who really knows Customer Hub inside and out, you need to be a “subscriber”, meaning, you need to have paid.