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I’m talking about collaboration in real-time¬† — similar to Google Docs. I only found one program that does this:
Extremely easy to use and get going – I was up and running in literally 10 seconds. There’s a menu on the right hand side to import your script from Final Draft, and export it to Final Draft.

Adding another writer to the script was as easy as signing up – in 10 seconds we were both working together. You can see each other’s changes instantly as they are typed and the other person’s text is highlighted in red. The red then fades to black after a little while – unless you tell it otherwise.

One quirk I discovered is that when I exported to Final Draft, some of the formatting didn’t translate, but it was almost all easily fixed by applying the appropriate script template. Go to Format > Elements > Apply A Template. There was one element that had been changed, e.g. “End of Act” had gotten changed to “New Act” – so I had to swap those back, but otherwise the transition was smooth. Looks like with the Pro version you can have more control over margins. Also good to keep in mind, none of the Revision sets translated back to Final Draft.

There are two others that seemed similar:
A few more steps to get started – needed to confirm email, go through a few steps, but still very easy.
Had to go to the help menu to figure out how to import a script – here’s the answer –
Sharing the script was a little buggy. The first time I shared it the other user couldn’t see it, even though I could see they had permission on my end. I had to delete them and re-add for it to work.
Here’s the big deal breaker: writing is not simultaneous. The other user has to refresh to see your edits and the edits do not appear in a different color. ALSO – the most recent user’s edits OVERWRITE the other user.
Notes: This site seems to be currently down.