Resources for a Great Blog Post

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1) Google specific terms to see how popular they are here: – then you can write blog entries that feature the most commonly searched terms.

2) Check out Google trends here:

3) Search for other bloggers about vision rehabilitation here:
Bloggers love it if you write a short entry in response to their post – it starts a conversation between your two blogs – and that will boost both of you in search engines. All you need to do is say something like, “Joe Smith wrote an interesting post about “x” here “link”. I think he made some good points, but I think he may have left out “y”, or I think it’s also important to add, “z” to this conversation.” Then go to Joe’s blog, and in his comments section – say, “Joe made a good point – check out my response on my blog, I don’t think you can talk about “x” without taking about “z.””