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We’ve recently been working on some affiliate sites, so here are some notes from our plugin research, maybe they’ll be helpful to you:

WordPress Plugins to help advertise for affiliates: – seems to be a membership thing – they take 15% Рfree, automatically links  to the appropriate affiliate. – similar to above – free, displays Google affiliate ads


Plugin Round-Up from 2010 –

Coupons – free version works well so far, but I’m not sure where to put the <img> for impressions. – $27 for pro with $10 coupon once lite is installed. Doesn’t have a spot for the Affiliate IMG for tracking impressions. – pay plugin $199 (but I’ve heard bad things about it) – broken? – maybe would work, but they don’t have screenshots of the WordPress interface. – $27 – free, helps create coupons. On my site, it didn’t work, the coupon wouldn’t go anywhere – tried in both firefox and safari. – grabs coupons from around the internet and displays them

CJ (Commission Junction) – looks good for CJ and Linkshare (get 25% off ) ( – but doesn’t set up coupons? $39.95

Ads Manager


Amazon Affiliates: – free brings people to their local Amazon store- free – free

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